Akonfena Africa Pendant

Akonfena Africa Pendant

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On display is an Africa pendant in solid 14K gold with the Adinkra symbol of the Akonfena.

Symbolism of the crossed swords: courage, valour, bravery

Height: approx 11mm long

Width: approx 11mm wide

Whichever Karat you choose, whether solid 10K, 14K, 18K I will plate in 24K to add that extra level of richness to the piece.

Ensure selection of desired karat before check out!

What is Adinkra?

Adinkra symbols are visual representation of concepts and aphorism developed by the Akan people of Ghana. Adinkra symbols are extensively used in fabrics, pottery, logos, and advertising. They can also be found on architectural buildings, as well as on traditional Akan gold weights, and sculptures as well as stools used for traditional rituals. The adinkra symbols are not just decorative objects, or drawings, but actual messages conveying ancient traditional wisdom relevant to aspects of life or the environment. A lot of the Adinkra symbols have meanings linked to proverbs, such as the sankofa symbol. Akonfena is the word for battle swords. It represents bravery, the fighting spirit, and valour. Other Adinkra symbols depict historical events, human behavior and attitudes, animal behavior, plant life, and objects’ shapes.

source, afrolegends.com