Antique Sterling Silver "Flying Higher" Bracelet

Antique Sterling Silver "Flying Higher" Bracelet

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Antique Sterling Silver “Flying Higher” Bracelet

Make a strong statement with this bracelet which features our fierce eagle logo and two adinkra symbols Akofena, to symbolize courage and valour; Dame-Dame to symbolize intelligence and ingenuity, 5-point star as a representation of the person whose light shines brighter than the rest.



Metal- 925 Sterling silver

Weight Approximately- 30 Grams


Size Guide

The available sizes and dimensions are as follows:

Medium- 6.5 inches, 16.5 cm

Large- 7 inches, 17.78cm

Extra Large- 7.5 inches, 19.05cm

Also available in 10K, 14K , 18K, 22K yellow gold, rose gold and white gold e-mail for pricing.