Scarankh Ruby Ring
Scarankh Ruby Ring
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Scarankh Ruby Ring

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On display is a Kemetian, more commonly known as Egyptian inspired ring.

The Piece Utilizes Pyramids on each border of the ring as well as ankhs and scarabs complete with ruby accented sundial all of which I've finished is what I like to call a "Relic Finish" which looks like you got it out of an ancient tomb somewhere in Egypt.

Rubies Used:

Eye-clean 1.85mm round rubies.

Band Width

9.75mm (women's)

11.75mm (men's)


The design can be customized to utilize larger ruby sizes up to 3mm (larger than that would require a wider ring)

Nevertheless, if you'd like I can also finish the piece in a clean, high polished modern finish.

Available in 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or Vermeil.


Ankh - Represents life, known as the key of life representing the male and female aspects that create life.

Scarab- Associated which the manifestation of the morning sun Khepri, which the Kemetians hieroglyph Kheper associated with existence, manifestation, development, growth, and effectiveness none of which are possible without the sun rising every morning.

Sun Disc- Rebirth, New Life,

Listed Prices are an approximation call or email for quote.

Call/email for Pricing- 905-226-1472